Bruce Green


I'm a software engineer with deep understanding of how software development works.

I'm comfortable working on a greenfield project or supporting an existing one. Having worked on many projects big and small I can quickly contribute wherever needed.

Highly motivated, always learning and willing to expand my horizons.

Plaforms & Languages

Very experienced developing UNIX/LINUX, Windows, and Android software.

Fluent in Java and C/C++. Significant experience with scripting languages such as JavaScript, Bourne Shell, anc C Shell.

I've developed application using the Android SDK, J2EE, and Windows SDK. Can write either standalone or multi-tier applications.

Web Development

Designed and developed web-based applications used by Fortune 500 companies. Well versed in server side and front end components.

Experienced developing server side application using J2EE frameworks such as JSP, JSF, and JPA.

Can utilize HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery leveraging the Bootstrap (or similar) framework and a Java/SQL backend.